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81 Coptic Teen Gets 3 Years in Jail for 'Offensive' Muhammad Illustrations The Way TV
82 John McCain, Obama and Rick Warren support the Muslim Brotherhood The Way TV
83 Terrorists said to be infiltrating military The Way TV
84 Henry V: Action Vs. Non-Action, Islam The Way TV
85 “U.S. Founding Fathers ACTED to save us from Islam” The Way TV
86 CO-EXIST? The Way TV
87 Edgar Hopida The tide is turning to Truth The Way TV
88 Egypt: Don’t Cover Up Military Killing of Copt Protesters Human Rights Watch
89 CNN: Deadly Violence against Copts in Egypt The Way TV
90 The torture of one unarmed Coptic protestor by the armed forces and the central security The Way TV
91 Video: the speech of Josieph Nasrallah in Sep 11th. The Way TV
92 10 Commandments to save America The Way TV
93 Campaign Aims to Expose Darkness of Islam in Honor of 9/11 Charisma News Staff
94 Baca Photo Gallery for July 29 Steve Klein
95 LAPD supports muslim brotherhood Steve Klein
96 LA Sheriff Lee Baca must be fired for praising Hamas-linked CAIR Steve Klein
97 Concerned Citizens for The First Amendment (CCFA) Steve Klein
98 Obama to seize rural farms? Steve Klein
99 Baca Downing Sheriff LAPD praise support Muslim Brotherhood Steve Klein
100 Helen Thomas John Brennan askd the correct question Steve Klein

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