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10 Commandments to save America



 Today,  we remember the 10 year anniversary of the victims of September 11th.

We come together to reflect on the memories of this day and we cannot ignore the significance of the number 10.

Not only does 10 represent the passing of a decade, it also was given in a set of commandments to lead God's people out of despair.

We must also take initiative to strengthen our nation and bring our people to peace with 10 commandments  that will guide us.

1) Love your enemies but educate yourself with their teachings.

2)We must not allow ANYONE to take over our beloved country

3)The true meaning of freedom is "In God We Trust."

4) No amount of money is worth bloodshed! America must not accept any unclean money to enter its land.

5)America must wake up. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! Take action against terrorism. EXPOSE THE TRUTH, SHARE THE TRUTH, and DEFEAT THE EVIL!

6) A country's flag holds great symbolism and represents the character of its people. The Greek flag shows a peaceful cross, the American flag shows 50 guiding stars, while the Saudi Arabian flag shows  a violent sword.

7) Be proud of our constitution. We must not let ANYONE abuse it.

8)Unveil the veil.

9) For all leaders do not abuse the authority that you have been entrusted with at the expense of our freedom and safety.

10) Do not be affected by distorted media that has been specifically created to deceive you and stray you from the truth.

Thank you.  God bless you, and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! 

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