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Morocco was the first Islamic state in Africa independent of the Arab Empire, or the Caliphate. It received large numbers of Jewish and Muslim migrants during the Reconquista of the 1400s, when Christian kingdoms in Europe reclaimed large areas of the Iberian Peninsula from occupying Muslim empires. In 1912, Morocco was split into two protectorates, one Spanish and the other French, and remained a French colony until 1956, when it gained independence as the Kingdom of Morocco.


Morocco is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy, where the King is granted executive powers and is both the political leader, as well as ‘Defender of the Faith’. The monarch is responsible for appointing a Prime Minister following elections, who, in turn, counsels him on appointing members of the cabinet.

Social Issues

Of a population of roughly 31 million, it is estimated that approximately 15% of the population continue to live in poverty.3  Unemployment and illiteracy remain long-term challenges, with literacy at only 54% on average.

The Way TV Viewership

Surveys conducted in 2011 show that approximately 7.6% of Morocco’s population have watched or watch The Way TV.


The constitution allows for the freedom to practise one’s religion, and encourages religious tolerance. The distribution of non-Islamic texts and proselytising, however, is prohibited. 99% of the population is Sunni Muslim, with the remainder consisting of a significant Jewish minority, as well as Christians, although the latter are, for the most part, expatriates, and make up an estimated 25,000 altogether.

Prayer Points

Pray that Morocco remains a peaceful country for all its citizens.
Pray for the continued tolerance of the Church in Morocco, both for foreigners as well as Moroccans.
Praise God that The Way TV is able to broadcast Christian programmes in the Moroccan dialect into the country.
“I thank God for The Way TV’s ministry. When I was Muslim I started watching The Way TV’s programmes and they lead me to Christ. I am now a Christian and have accepted Jesus as my personal saviour.”  Letter from a young Moroccan man


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