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Lebanon is a country of great cultural, religious and ethnic diversity. Ruled by the Ottoman Empire for almost 400 years, Lebanon was placed under the French Mandate following World War I, and later granted independence in 1946. 1. Lebanon was devastated by a civil war lasting from 1975 until 1990.


Lebanon has always embraced its many religious communities. In the National Pact of 1943, it was agreed that any President of Lebanon must be Maronite Christian, the Speaker of the Parliament a Shiite Muslim, with a Sunni Muslim Prime Minister and a Greek Orthodox Deputy Prime Minister. 2.  A tribunal in 2011 to investigate Hezbollah members implicated in the assassination of former Prime Minister Hariri, resulted in the resignation of ten cabinet ministers and a presidential appointee, forcing rushed elections and a suspension of the tribunal. A new government was formed in July 2011.

Social Issues

Since the end of the civil war, it is estimated that approximately 350,000 Lebanese remain internally displaced. There also remain almost 400,000 Palestinian refugees in southern Lebanon, 3. who have not been allowed to return to Palestine following the 1948 Arab-Israeli War.

THE WAY TV Viewership

According to surveys carried out in 2012, 20% of the population has watched THE WAY TV or continue to watch it.4.


Lebanon is 59% Muslim and 39% Christian, with 2% accounting for other religious minorities. Many Christians claim they are only protected because they are represented in government – a unique trait in a Middle Eastern country.

Prayer Points

Pray that the Muslim and Christian communities will be able to co-exist and work together to rebuild Lebanon.
Pray that Lebanon can set a positive example of religious diversity and tolerance for other countries in the region.

“The Way TV touched and changed my spiritual life and drew me to Christ. I believe in it as an important ministry to all viewers in the Arab world. The message you convey is like rain on dry land and cold water to a thirsty soul.”  A man from Lebanon

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