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An archipelago of small islands in the Gulf Stream, Bahrain’s history is of a series of truces, agreements and negotiations with its large neighbouring states, as well as of a divided state.  In the 19th century Bahrain was a British protectorate.  The Iranians also laid claim to the archipelago and Iran and Britain continued to dispute the ownership of Bahrain, until a United Nations’ Security Council vote in 1970 determined that the territory would be recognised as a sovereign and independent nation.


A constitutional monarchy, Bahrain is headed by a king from the Al-Khalifa family, and the government is led by a popularly elected Prime Minister.  Uprisings and protests in several Shiite neighbourhoods in early 2011 saw the resignation of several government ministers and the scheduling of parliamentary elections with a greater representation of Shiite Muslims.

Social Issues

Bahrain faces frequent clashes between its Sunni and Shiite Muslim populations.  Unemployment currently stands at 15%. 1.  Women were granted full political rights in 2002, although there is still limited representation of them in government.

THE WAY TV Viewership

Accurate figures are not available, although THE WAY TV ’s audience relations team regularly receive messages from viewers in Bahrain.


80% of the country is Muslim, 10% Christian and the remainder is a mixture of Hindus, Sikhs and other various South-East Asian religions.  Bahrain is one of the most tolerant Gulf States towards Christianity.  Although the majority of Christians are foreigners, there is a growing number of local believers.  These believers face opposition from family and society, and occasional discrimination when seeking employment and academic opportunities.

Prayer Points

Pray for greater social acceptance of Bahraini believers, so that they will continue to be strong in their faith.
Praise God for the presence of Christian bookshops and the numerous fellowships who can offer the Christians in Bahrain spiritual support.

“I am very thankful to The Way TV because, not only are your programmes spiritual, helping us in our relationship with God and encouraging us, but they also help us in learning many skills and tools.  The Way TV is like a backbone in our lives.  You have no idea how much you blessed me and how much your ministry is impacting millions in so many ways.”  A lady living in Bahrain

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