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Situated on one of the ancient trading routes between India and Mesopotamia, Kuwait has been under the rule of the Arab and Ottoman Turk Empires.  In the 19th century, it became an independent sheikhdom under the British, before finally gaining independence as a nation in 1961.  The population currently stands at 2.59 million,1. of which over a quarter are foreigners.


Kuwait is ruled by an Emir, as well as a Prime Minister who is elected by popular vote, a national assembly and a municipal council.  Shari’a law is the main source of legislation, to which all residents must adhere.

Social Issues

Kuwait has a reasonably good human rights record.  Women were given full political rights in 2005, but the country remains relatively conservative; approximately 70% of women wear veils in the form of hijabs or niqabs.2 Unemployment currently stands at 2.2%.3

THE WAY TV  Viewership

According to survey data it is estimated that 15% of Kuwait’s population watches The Way TV


Sunni Muslims account for 85% of the population, and Hindus, Christians, Sikhs and other sects of Islam for the remaining 15%.  There are an estimated 400,000 foreign Christians living in Kuwait, and around 1500 Christians of Iraqi and Palestinian origin.  Kuwait has ten official church buildings registered with the state.

Prayer Points

Pray for Christians in Kuwait to persevere in their faith and continue to worship the Lord, despite their minority position in the country.
Pray for an increase in numbers of the Christian community in Kuwait.

From Rania Nassralla officer in the Board of directors while she is visiting there
I couldn’t imagine how The way TV left this influence in Kuwait the people when I met them following at least 6 hours daily specially the news the way TV is the only source for them as a Christians and foreigners in Kuwait.

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