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U.S, it's not about you today!

Do you know who is trying to crash into the U.S embassy in Cairo today? Who are those young people standing in the face of police tear gas and steel vehicle?

They are not the Islamists, actually they are not that religious, they are not political activists, they are not that angry about the film insulting Prophet Mohammed, and it was not about the U.S. today.


It is an old story, goes back to Mohammed Mahmoud street events and Port Said stadium tragedy (more than 150 young people were killed there). Unexpectedly, today protest especially the front line clashing with the Egyptian police composed of well-shaved young people age 12 to 30 years old coming for a new round with the police. “I am here to take my revenge from the police “ said one of the protestors. Over heard it many time during the kick and run how similar is today with the events in Mohammed Mahmoud street where the Egyptian activists was trying to get through the headquarter of the Internal Affairs Ministry. The more they pushed to break the legend of the police forces, the more was the cruelty of the policy. Today, was just tear gas, back then it was life ammunition and rubber pullets targeting protestors faces. Few days ago, all officials and policemen accused of being responsible for the tragedy in Port Said stadium were freed of all charges, continuing a series of freeing policemen from crimes that happened during the revolution and after.


When the call for Maghreb prayer was on, non of them went to pray in the mosque 10 meters away, though of the appeals of the shaikh. It is the joy and excitement the young teenagers gets that they can not stop kicking the burned police car or throwing rocks to the police forces protecting the U.S embassy. The ones the stock me with their courage in throwing the tear gas can grenades back to the police, stroke more me when they posed for me and for other photographers. Every time the majority of the protestors calm down, one of them through a rock on the police who through back tear gas, which stimulate the majority again to fight, that require more tear gas, and another round of confrontation.



Tahris square has never been a homogeneous group since after the 18 days of the revolution. Just like today, there are groups that are looking for trouble, curious people, and organized groups with different intentions. 30+ adults were in Tahrir square, which was filled with tear gas as well, few minutes far from the embassy but away from the hot frontline. They were just talking about the film, making calls, and smoking. Those who bring microphones, will be heard and lead the masses. What is voiced in the square can be simply related to following the rhyme of the slogans and keeping the protest alive. In Egypt, there are a lot of irrelevant details between what people want, how they want it, and the way to ask for.



The worst that might happen is that one of the irresponsible young people on the frontline will get injured or killed and it will stimulate more anger from those in Tahrir and those was originally opposing protesting. More victims, and no one to blame. Unspoken reality that worsen the situation everywhere the police exist regardless of the reason. However, this time, there is no sympathy with anyone standing on the way of the supposedly angry Muslims.

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