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I was a Muslim

I was a Muslim, a Reformist, for 25 years. Much like Irshad Manji, my quest was trying to prove that Islam teaches beautiful things, that it has been hijacked by the Radicals. Once I widen my research to include Hadis and Sira (Muhammad's biography), it becomes clear that Muhammad is not a noble person that one should follow.

He was a murderer, a thief, a rapist, a torturer, and a slave trader. The culmination was when he oversaw the slaughter 800 Qurayza Jews in Medina market on a single day! I felt betrayed and deceived by the fake religion of Islam. Muhammad just made all up, combined with purchased tales from apocryphal text of Jews and Christians, where he then abrogated these inviting verses into much violent ones once he migrated to Medina.

Since 2 years back, I was left wandering with the God shaped hole in my heart, until Jesus touched me through my understanding of Biblical Eschatology. That the book of Daniel was locked and now is open, and we are now at the End, as 1260 is 1948, the rebuilding of Israel, minus 688, the building of Dome of Rock on Temple Mount. So the anti-Christ is named, it is Islam itself, as the sheep clothed fox.

I am now a Jew loving Christian since God himself guarantee it in Genesis 12:3, "I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you." Jews is the front line dam against the flooding Islam, we must protect them to safe Humanity. Once broken, the rest will be swept away.

This is in accordance with Islamic prophecy of world domination before the End of Days. Which is kind of an irony, judging by how intolerance Islam is to others, Islamic world domination will mean the destruction of all known Civilizations to men, hence the End of Days itself. And once they can attain it, it would once again be war within them.

Not all 1.5 billion Muslims are required to be Radical, just a few millions will do. But these floating Moderates are the fuel to keep the whole Islamic iceberg afloat. Therefore, once we can liberate most of these hollow Moderates, it will collapse, and it's shrapnel will no longer be a pose to our Humanity ship.

The Moderates are exposing dangers in their own way. Apart from contributing themselves as the bulk of that huge mass, they are spewing poisons by campaigning that Islam is a Religion of Peace, especially to the uninitiated. They might do this out of their gullibility trying to live their live under the entrapment of Islam. But they can do this on purpose, as a manner to deceive us all.

I know it is hard to bring the truth to them, they cower themselves under all those mind numbing rituals as their self comfort. But we must not give up, we must continue to alert the World about the real intention of Islam. We must participate in influencing the leaders to be firm in avoiding the Political Correctness. Multiculturalism is great, but without Islam set into the equation.

Within Christ, I have found my life back, I feel that each steps I take now is guided and being used by Him. And I feel calmer, knowing that I can rely on Him on any challenges I am facing. For a fortnight, may be I am still in a honeymoon with Him, but I just want it to last forever. Now I have a place to make personal prayers, I know that each words I utter I understand, and be heard, anywhere, any place. A relationship that would be impossible in the past.


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