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Temecula The Way TV flyer

The Way TV … going to High Schools and recruiting young people out of Multiculturalism understanding that Islam is dangerous to girls and boys. Follow The Way TV as we go out with cameras and audio to WAKE UP AMERICA.  Coming soon to The Way TV.
This is a PROVEN method that takes ONLY 3 people … and only an hour and is with Police Protection – and the High School kids twitter, tweet and face book your flyer all over the world for free – it’s proven and sweet. 
Feel free to contract me – We have done this hundreds of times, sued successfully a number of times – it’s PEACEFUL … It’s the First Amendment at its best.  I have scores of references and can assist you no matter what state you live in.  A GREAT WAY to expand your chapter in a SIGNIFICANT WAY.
This is the flyer we give to the kids at the High School AFTER notifying the City Attorney, Mayor, City Council, Police Chief, District Attorney, Sheriff, and boards of education and county supervisors – it has never failed.
Thanks, Steve Klein, The Way TV … … Thursdays at 5 PM, PST

Sex with a 4 year old girl from a man who had sex with a 6 year old girl – first YOUTUBE clip below
The purpose of this First Amendment educational outreach is SIX-fold:
1. To educate all citizens about The First Amendment.
2. To familiarize all citizens with our cherished First Amendment rights.
3. To educate all who enjoy the First Amendment that it is NOT an absolute right:   Religion, Speech and assembly are Constitutional only as long as they are peaceful.
4.  It is Constitutional, i.e., “American” to regulate Religion, Speech and Assembly under the First Amendment. 
5.  Islam flows from the behavior of Mohammed which history proves never supported any of our Constitutional freedoms such as our First Amendment. 
6.  Saudi Arabia funds 80% of the U.S. Mosques; Saudi Arabia funds The Muslim Brotherhood and Global Terrorism – we seek assurance that the Temecula Mosque will not be funded by the Saudis or any of their Muslim Brotherhood organizations in America. Proof of this is at and Congressional Testimony.

You Tube clips that may shed light on our Constitutional First Amendment Rights and Islam

Title and then the URL:
Khomeini Sexually Assaulting Crying and screaming 4 year old Girl – with parental consent …
THE PERFECT MAN, Muhammad, the founder of Islam …

How Islam is Taking Over The World: Islamization Explained …

Three Things About Islam …

Un-American to Regulate Religion? …

We are Concerned Citizens for The First Amendment (CCFA)
We understand that Mohammed is considered The Perfect Man in Islam and that the behavior of Mohammed is the acceptable means of action for anyone who truly purports to be a Muslim.

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