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As a U.S Citizen who was born and lived in Egypt till age 18, I feel the need to inform my fellow U.S. citizens with the latest barbaric Islamic attack on Christians. Although, the attack took place on Coptic Christians in Alexandria, Egypt, I still use the word "Christians" because it does not matter what denomination one is, we're all members of one body (body of Christ) and if one member of one body suffers, the rest of the members suffer with it!

While Christians and the world were celebrating Christmas and the New Year On December 31st; Coptic Christians were receiving the New Year by prayers in the Church of the Two Saints (St. Mark & St. Peter) located in Alexandria, Egypt. Shortly after midnight, a car carrying a homemade bomb containing nails and ball-bearings exploded in front of the church. Fatalities are 22 thus far while hundreds are injured. To give a better picture, many of the families of the victims could not locate their loved ones as body parts were scattered across the area and some body parts were airborne to the sixth floor of the church. Anyone wants to guess how the Egyptian law enforcement responded? They continued attack on the Copts with live ammunition and tear gas. The government made the comment that this was a foreign attack. I guess Muslim Egyptian Mohamed Atta who was one of the leaders in September 11th attack was also a foreigner to the Egyptian government. When we had the disaster of 9/11, it hit a nerve.  I made the comment that these massacres happen everything single day to the Christians of Egypt; the questions remain "why aren't these events covered by the American media?", "why aren't the Coptic Christian protesters in New York in front of the UN building , California or in Washington, DC  covered or acknowledged by the American media?", "why aren't the prayers and conference held by the Coptic Bishops in Manhattan on December 14, 2010 at the Armenian Orthodox Church were covered by the American media?"….etc.

Please refer to the history of Christianity only to confirm that Egypt was Christian until it was taken by the sword of Muslims, sounds familiar America! Other than his native place, Jerusalem, the only country that Jesus visited during his life on earth was Egypt (Out of Egypt I Called my Son). I guess this was the way that a so called "peaceful religion of Islam" wanted to tell the unarmed praying Christian minorities "Merry Christmas & Happy New Year".  Wake up America, when you allow entities like ACLU, and others alike fight to gradually remove your constitutional rights, do you have any idea how much power you are giving the Muslims in the United States? They already gained tremendous power by electing the new president, Barak Houssein Obama, one of their own, who issued a pathetic statement of condolences asking the Egyptian Islamic government if they need help; at least former presidents like Bush or Clinton for that matter, truly gave a helping hand to Christians in Egypt while other persecutions and massacres happened during their time in office and through threat to cut aid to Egypt.  I would like to point the reader's attention that Egypt is the second recipient of aid from the U.S.; the first is Israel.

I have so much to say and explain but I believe that the newspaper will not have enough pages for me to go on. I call on all Christians, the American government, Congress and Senate to intervene and save Christians in Egypt and the Middle East from the ongoing persecution. I call on the readers to Google Coptic massacre in Alexandria, Egypt or better yet use the following link to watch the horrifying video and hear the story on BBC I also welcome any interviews with the media for additional documented information about Islam and terror to the Christians and Americans. Folks, after you read this message and do your own research, please answer the following question "What kind of barbaric religion Islam is?"

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